ZIS Online

In the event one of the out-of-the-box eCommerce frameworks (opencart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce etc) wont meet your requirements – welcome to zisOnline.

zisOnline is a bespoke Online Shopping Framework which can be adapted to suit ANY business requirement.

At a high-level, zisOnline does all the things you’d expect from any eCommerce platform, PLUS;

  • Multiple customer landing pages & stores (your customers)
  • No limits to shop and product numbers
  • Multiple pricing models (currently caters for 5 x pricing tiers)
  • Apply discounts to a single client based on a single product range
  • Automate supplier Purchase Orders (split orders as needed – e.g product bundles)
  • Introduce mandatory shipping condition of store users
    • Spend limits
    • Order limits
    • Approval required if $ > x
    • Choose options from drop downs
    • Mandatory PO fields and others
  • Custom workflows (based on portal/shop/primary client)
  • Order Batching (sometimes its more efficient to batch all the orders in a single step, rather than each order coming in individually – e.g. for your larger, regular Corporate Accounts)
  • Regular customer templates (so they don’t need to refill cart each time for regular orders)

Case study

The case study below represents the most complex online shopping framework we’ve had to develop. zisONLINE was the perfect choice which meant we always said YES when our client asked “Can abc be done?“. The result – seven (7) levels of shopping each with own web landing page, each with own workflow and logistics rules. All managed seamlessly via the main store (Level 1 – owned by our client). This system allows for up to 7 price points (markups).

My client is one of Australia’s largest corporate clothing & uniform suppliers. Each time they win a major tender (either corporate or government) – it usually ends up with a NEW level being created. This provides my client with the edge when competing for, and winning many such tenders. He can confidently say YES to almost ALL requests.

Note: Check back on this page soon. We are in the process (with our clients permission) to share some screen shots of each level (logos removed to protect my client – and his clients).
Level 1

Level 1: My customers main store. Relationship with all Suppliers and delivery mechanisms. Cost price on items ($P1). Can create any lower level, run reports and full financials across all levels.

Level 2

Level 2: Standard Store as per any eCommerce type store. Can buy any item. Pay online etc. Means my client can perform your every eCommerce function to the public. Price point ($P2)

Level 3

Level 3: Clients on this level have own webpage entry and custom product store. All their items include logos etc on the clothing. Each user (employee) has a set spend limit – if they go over, system mails their direct Manager for approval. All finances are based on account terms. Managers can also purchase on behalf of staff. Price point $P3

Level 4

Level 4: Custom workflow. Bundled product range. Government roll out project. System bulk orders once a month. System calculates to ensure correct combination of items are in the cart to process. The supplier and delivery work is quite complex due to the large type of orders which need to package individual orders into a single bulk order – per user account (which represent a geographic region).

Level 5

Level 5: Is a regional re-seller of my client (Level 1). They essentially mirror Level 1 with price point $P5 and can on-sell with markup of their choice to their customers. All supplier orders and shipping remains managed by Level 1 and us fully automated. As with all levels, they have their own website landing page to login to etc.

Level 6

Level 6: Is like a level 3 in that these are the reseller (Level 5) corporate clients. Price point $P6 (which is $P1 plus markup to level 5 $p5 plus markup from the reseller).

Level 7

Level 7: Is a unique portal for a national contract. This store imports multiple stores (representing major corporate clients of the Level 7 owner – a bit like a reseller). They have a unique workflow in that when they place an order, the system must generate a quote. The level 7 user approves, the system then converts the quote into an Invoice and initiates the usual shipping & delivery workflows.