Earlier this year, we posted a warning for our customers around the Australia Post Phishing email which encrypts your files. AGL had a similar attack back in June this year, and have just announced another spate of Phishing emails which act like AGL invoices.

These fake invoices contains malicious software (malware) that has the potential to allow criminals to access your personal information and hold it to ransom (otherwise known as ransom-ware) by encrypting your files.

DO NOT CLICK on the links inside the email SHOULD you receive this email.

It is a good reminder to instantiate some safe rules about emails in general at this point.

NEVER open ZIP, Word or Excel attachments to emails – they can all launch programs (or macros) which can infect your computer.

Even if you know the company (e.g. AGL, Australia Post) – do trust these attachments. If you hover (never click!) over the links contained within the emails – you will see weird URLs which the link is trying to point you t0.

Finally – ensure your computers are up-to-date with Virus protection AND you have a safe Backup. By safe, we do not mean cloud backup – as these too are vulnerable. You need to either have an encrypted backup on the cloud OR an offline backup (e.g. Plug in a USB or passport type drive and make a backup of your shared drive(s) and do NOT leave this plugged in – unplug and keep in a safe place. This way – you can always restore/recover in the unlikely event you suffer a ransom-ware type attack.

If you would like a systems-health check – contact ZIS today to discuss.

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