Throughout 2016, ZIS have developed a niche services within the Pubs & Hotels sector.

We partnered with Paul Caruana from Security Alert (All Pauls) who specialises in installation and maintenance of Pubs & Hotels POS, TV, Security and TAB infrastructures. Paul acts as a one-stop-shop for his clients and introduced ZIS as his partner to manage the IT for his clients.

That’s how it all started…

Since then, whilst we continue to provide a fully managed IT service for Pubs & Hotels, we have also developed two software products specifically for this market:

  • Liquor, Gaming & Racing Incident Management Reporting System (LGRIM) &
  • Liquor, Gaming & Racing Booking & Reservation Portal (LGRBS)

More information on both these products (which are software as a service – SaaS) can be found by visiting our Products menu.

Now our Pubs & Hotel clients can have everything managed with a single phone call. ZIS & Paul are providing Pubs & Hotels unrivaled service and look forward to seeing this side of the business grow exponentially throughout 2017 and beyond.

ZIS can help Pubs & Hotels with:

  • Installation & maintenance of PCs and Network (Hardware, Internet, Printing, Software, Backup, Security)
  • Incident Reporting (Part A and Part B, POI, Alerts & more)
  • Booking Management System
  • Integration various Software applications
  • Websites & Online Portals