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People Insights Update: What’s next?

Now that we have transitioned from early-adopter to commercial release of our NextGen Performance Portal, we are already busy working on the next modules.

In addition to:

  • Performance Reviews (MyInsights)
  • Conversation Manager (MyConfabs)
  • Goal Setting (MyGoals) and
  • Career Planning (MyCareer)

We are listening to our clients and endeavoring to continually add new features and modules without complicating the Framework – which is designed to be among the easiest to use Performance Management Systems available on the market.

With this in mind, many clients are asking for a REM module (a way in which to allocate and distribute bonuses) and in order to do that, we need to provide a generic method for tracking progress and goals. So coming soon will be our “Balanced Scorecard” module.

The Balanced Scorecard will utilise the existing data from the existing four module in addition to providing Managers with the tools to track progress against:

  • Alignment to Company Values and Strategy
  • Finance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Personal/Professional Development (potential)
  • Performance (KPIs)


Whilst People Insights Group do not advocate formal or traditional Rating Systems, we will then be able to enable our customers to align or set scores and bonus against the results of the Balanced Scorecard. Inherit in this new module will be the ability to introduce a REM module or calculator which is flexible enough to cater for Manager discretion (mapped against company set bonus guidelines).

Want to know more?

Visit http://www.peopleinsights.com.au or email/phone us today for a chat.

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