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People Insights Group Pty Ltd ABN: 87 168 436 486 is a formal partnership between MPTI Group (Gary Morgan) and Zenith Information Systems (James Fordham).

Together we have developed a new Performance Management Portal for organisations who are seeking to improve the framework or streamline and automate their paper-based performance framework.

The People Insights Portal includes the following modules:

  • Insights (Assessment module)
  • Confab (Conversations module)
  • MyGoals (Short term and Stretch goal setting)
  • MyCareer (skill gap analysis to achieve next role)

and caters for four user roles:

  1. Employee
  2. Manager
  3. Executive Manager
  4. Administrator

When an organisation signs up to use the portal, we provide them with best-practice assessment guides and fully support them to setup their team. The program includes eTutorials which includes screen simulations to quickly teach employees and managers how to get started.

The platform includes email notifications and full auditing functionality for compliance. When an assessment is completed by an employee, they digitally sign the assessment for (using a mouse or stylus) and submit to their manager. The manager approves, adds their comments and the form is complete. The system then coordinates the one on one Confab between the manager and their employee. All assessments and meetings are recorded, tracked and archived.

Administrators can create their Executive Managers (who have both mangers and employees reporting to them), Managers and employees. They can create their own assessments (if they do not wish us the supplied guides) and can perform analytics on the assessment responses to gauge how the organisation is performing across the entire workforce.

The platform provides a simple and intuitive framework for conducting assessments and follow up meetings throughout the performance cycle. For organisations who seek assistance in defining their performance framework or to up-skill managers in how to coach and have performance conversations, People Insights Group provide the holistic range of coaching and consulting services to fully support our clients on their journey to transforming their Performance Management Framework.

The pricing model is based on annual subscription. We provide the platform for FREE for small organisations with 10 or less employees. We also provide discounts for Not for Profit entities.

Employee Features

Employee level users can:

Complete Self-Assessments (save options)

View & Search previously completed Assessments

Auto notification when Manager approves

Accept/change Meeting Requests

Create and manage personal development Goals

Create a Career Ladder Plan

Print/Email any of their own records

Manager Features

Manager level users can:

Do all the same things as per Employees

Approve Employee Assessments

Distribute Assessments

Add/create Employees in their team

Request Meetings

View Assessments, goals and Meeting records for their team

Exec Manager

Executive Manager users can:

All the same as Manager level

Manage both Managers and Employees in their team

Create/Add Employees and Managers

Admin features

The portal Administrator can:

Create any Employee, Manager or Executive Manager

Change reporting lines

Create new Assessments for Distribution

Add company Logo, Mission Statement & Values

Run Analytics Reports across the Organisation

Create the Career Ladder Pillars and associated roles and descriptions

Full helicopter view of ALL data across the platform

Coming soon

New features (2017):

Balanced Scorecard

Remuneration Calculator

Self kiosk (Leave/sick entitlements)

Sales staff Efficiency Workflow

Updated Interface across Portal

Updates to existing modules

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