Do you have a BIG IDEA and need to partner with a technology company to make it a reality?

If you answered YES to above, read on…

ZIS get excited about NEW and FRESH ideas. We get so excited about great ideas and potential market for your idea, that we are prepared to take on all the development RISK and build the prototype through to final commercial product. If we love your idea as much as you, and decide to partner with you, the options are flexible based on the commitment required.

Our existing Partnerships range between 30% and 50% equity and often result in a new entity being formed accordingly.

In some cases, where equity options are not feasible, ZIS may accept a royalty agreement whereby we still handle all the upfront development in return for an agreed royalty and shared Intellectual Property of the product.

The core difference between the two options mentioned is: 1) Investment required to develop the product and 2) Ongoing commitment. The royalty option will still see ZIS maintain the product (and handle all warranty type issues), however the partnership option generally means we have a greater involvement in the business beyond the technology itself. In other words, we help the business grow in all aspects including shared Management duties.

Partnerships are not for everyone, however its the quickest and most cost effective way to get a new idea commercialised – without a major capital injection.

If you are NOT interested in a Partnership OR Royalty program – please refer to our Custom Software menu link under Services. Here we will simply develop your product for you as a once-off project.

Please do NOT approach ZIS if you are simply seeking Venture Capital. Our Investment takes the form of product development, infrastructure, hosting, Business Development and Management capabilities. In some circumstances, we do contribute financially when required around marketing and other business costs associated with growing the business we have vested equity in.

Our current formal Partnerships include:

Corporate Culcha

Corporate Culcha & ZIS joined forces in 2013 to develop what is now regarded Australia’s premier Indigenous Cultural Awareness (AICAC) corporate training program.

MPTI Group

MPTI Group & ZIS joined forces early 2016 to develop a new extremely simple to use People Performance Platform. We formally created People Insights Group and our website for our product can be found at 


HealthXN and ZIS have enjoyed a strong working relationship and informal partnership since 2012. In 2015, we formally combined forces to provide the Health care sector with Content Aggregation tools and agile Learning Environments.