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Online Learning (or eLearning as it is commonly known) is still growing in terms of functionality and engagement. James Fordham (founder of ZIS) has been developing Online Learning solutions since 1998 when it first hit the market and remains one of the most experienced eLearning minds in the industry.

When considering an Online Learning project – there are a lot of considerations. Why? is the first one. eLearning is a wonderful tool if the purpose is clear, and the approach is  based on a solid methodology. If you get this wrong you end up with what we call “shelf-ware” – in other words, a piece of software which sits on the shelf collecting dust, never being used. The “Compliance” world is perhaps the most used sector within eLearning – there is so much compliance content available, and almost every company forces their employees to complete them (often during the on-boarding process). Too often this is a simple “tick the box” activity, rather than genuinely imparting useful, relevant and practical knowledge.

Whilst ZIS will produce whatever the client is seeking to produce, we are passionate about ensuring the learning outcomes are met when we develop a training module. For that, the course should be highly engaging, relevant and NOT specifically easy. For genuine learning to take place, we should stretch & challenge our learners – not make it too simple.

Our AICAC Product (see this under Products Menu) is a great example of a highly engaging eLearning module. Unfortunately not every customer will want to make the investment to ensure an AICAC type result for their product – however, there are many ways to lift engagement and relevance without spending too much.

At at high level, here is how we can assist you:

  • Develop eLearning modules (SCORM or Web)
  • Convert PowerPoint into SCORM modules (adding interactivity)
  • Work on blended or 70/20/10 learning strategies
  • Help aggregate & commercialise YOUR learning content (sell it)
  • Develop and host your learning environment (LMS)
  • Making the right LMS choice (consulting & procurement)

and more…

Our Authoring tool of choice is Articulate Storyline 3/360, however we can utilise other tools if needed.

Additionally, we can help with:

  • Instructional Design
  • Video production
  • Professional voice over (e.g. Ernie Dingo narrates our AICAC program)
  • Animation sequences
  • Graphic design (and stock image library)
  • Custom players (instead of authoring tool players which look like all the rest)
  • Custom fonts
  • WGAC 2 / Accessibility
  • Mobile device / responsive design options

Final Source Code

For any eLearning project you engage ZIS to develop, you will receive all the final source code. You will need the same authoring tool in order to maintain the final module(s), however we never hold our clients to ransom. You can of course always come back to ZIS for course updates and maintenance – or you can do it yourself.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

LMS have a simple task – to track results and manage access to your content. Most organisations have overly complicated and very expensive LMS platforms of which they probably use 15-20% of its power & functionality. ZIS can help you make the right LMS decision for larger corporations, OR if you are small to medium, we can install, configure and host a Moodle, WP or TotoraLMS platform for you. Want to sell your content? we can also add on the usual eCommerce and subscription functionality to your LMS.