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Over the last couple of years inevitably the number one question during scoping of a learning project is around mobile device compatibility.  For many, this simply means publishing in HTML5 so the content works on an iPad, but is there more to it?

I think so. We have chronologically moved from desktops to laptops to tablets to smartphone and now we will also soon have a smart watch.

Catering to all these devices is not simple. Simply publishing in HTML5 is not sufficient. Screen real-estate, internet connectivity & speed and how well they communicate with the platform (e.g. LMS) are vital is you care about user-experience.

Slowly, the majority of organisations are reducing the size and length of their learning modules. The old 20 minute rule of thumb is no longer considered the norm. We are now trying to develop a library of just in time bites of learning. This is great and certainly opens the door to have the conversation around mobile access.

There is no quick and simple solution. There are simply too many variables and for most of us, its not economic (time and cost) to really solve for…

When I am having high level discussions with clients, I often ask “How important it is to track completion?”… The idea of that question being, if you really don’t NEED to track it, we are now able to explore a plethora of options in terms of access and delivery. Tracking means a level of communication needs to exist between the users’ device and your platform. Often these platforms sit behind your organisational firewall (or VPN) which simply does not make access easy – especially for your staff or users who are remote and on the move.

There are so many wonderful (and often free – open source) platforms where you can share and collaborate around content. For the most part, they are already compatible for the vast majority of potential end-user devices. Why reinvent the wheel? (it takes up ridiculous amounts of time and money).

Being a bit of a tech-nerd, I am quite excited with advancements in mobile devices of late… I love the concepts of smart watches and google glass and so forth. The more we can integrate leading edge technology, the more we can truly harness it. The most recent iterations of smart phones are amazing (whether you are an Android or Apple family member). They getting faster and more powerful and the new apps available and coming are amazing.

Most organisations now state they are utilising social media and social learning platforms, so we are trying to push the envelope as a community… But like most things in our industry, we often jump on the latest fad and only use 10% of the capability…

We could go on forever, but if you would like to chat further, please reach out. In the meantime, take some time and research what is available – you can create some truly amazing learning content which capitalises of a variety of modalities and technology. Ultimately, you can very easily cater for your Millenniums as well as your baby boomer audience. And will minimal effort. Just takes a little research and thought…

Thanks for taking the time to read. Feel free to comment.

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