LGRIM is our newest product launched in October 2016.

We have developed a portal with the explicit goal of ensuring our LGR (Pubs & Hotels) customers can become, and remain compliant when it comes to Incident Reporting.


The System Automates & greatly simplifies completing Part A and Part B incident reports. There is no double-handling, or double-entry (between Part A and Part B) and you can quickly locate and print/email incidents…

We have also introduced a Community function where Venues can SHARE alerts (e.g. If a group or person is trying to gain access in your area). Furthermore, each time Part B is completed, the shared Persons of Interest database is populated. This means you can search the POI database to check on an individual. Note, the contact details are suppresses for privacy compliance, however you can check the suspected persons name and high level information.

Managers can run reports to print incidents by Date, Date Range, Incident Type and more…

The system includes automatic notification when employees enter in Part B and require Manager approval.

The system also offers a premium add-on “Comms Package” where owners and managers can be alerted via SMS to their mobile phone for serious matters etc.


Record Incidents (Part A & B)

Automatically builds a searchable POI Database

Send warnings (Alerts) to fellow LGR venues

Notifications (Part B auto)

Create Employee & Managers

Generate Reports

Overall statistics Dashboard

Cloud software (NO installation required)

Licensing model

Cloud based Monthly Subscription

Single Venue

Multiple Venue discount

SMS comms package

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