Reporting Incidents

LGRIM – Incident Reporting Module launched

ZIS is proud to announce the imminent release of our latest product offering:

Liquor, Gaming & Racing Incident Management (LGRIM) portal.

LGRIM is a platform for Pubs and Hotels to record incidents and comply with legislation around reporting. Currently the majority of pubs and hotels complete the book (paper) version and this process is prone for mistakes and potential non-compliance fines.

The ZIS LGRIM platform takes the hassle out of recording and tracking ALL your incidents. You can search and report on the history of incidents (e.g. if the police attend and request a copy) in addition to sharing to current incidents and threats between hotels and pubs (which many are currently using whats app for).

We are currently running pilot-tests with a couple of our pub clients in the Rocks/CBD and will soon release a formal version for any pub or hotel to subscribe to.

Want to learn more? Contact ZIS today for a discussion and demonstration.


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