IT Strategic Consultancy


When you’ve been doing what we’ve been doing for as long as we’ve been doing it – you just get very good at it.

Why not utilise our 17 years of experience?

At some point in your business journey, an opportunity or challenge will present itself – where you and your team simply don’t have the expertise and knowledge to make an informed decision. That’s where ZIS can help. We can act as your litmus test of sorts where you could use us as your sounding board and test logic and understanding OR you can engage ZIS to act on your behalf for due diligence, code testing and market penetration. We will then keep you up to date, provide documentation and reports as required and help you make the right call.

IT Consulting Services Sydney

Generally, when clients engage ZIS in a consultancy engagement, we act in the following forms:

  • On behalf of our client on multi-vendor relationships
  • Project Manager (e.g. mergers & acquisitions involving software)
  • A general go-to for questions and opinions or research
  • A sub-contracting IT Consultant, Mentor to IT team or for SME, part-time CTO
  • IT Strategy consultancy

IT Software Consultants Sydney

Our IT Consulting services are generally provided from Sydney, however, depending on your requirements, we can easily support your needs anywhere within Australia. If your organisation is seeking to implement an enterprise wide mission critical Software solutions (e.g. ERP), our IT Software Consulting service is ideal.

Please read our recent case studies below, where ZIS has assisted Organisations in these endeavours. Organisation names have been suppressed due to strict confidentiality.

Case Study 1: Acquisition of rival software company

A client of ZIS was seriously considering purchasing a rival organisation and whilst they were intimately knowledgeable around the concepts, business offering an the company itself, they needed an independent lens in addition to someone who could engage with the proposed organisation to deep dive into the code, road map and infrastructure.

Our task was to dive into the code and report back on the following criteria:

  • Does the software do what the specification states?
  • Is the code written to best practice guidelines?
  • What would a potential migration look like (time and cost)?
  • Is their current team and process efficient and sustainable?
  • Would acquiring this software enhance our offering and client base?

The end result following on-site meetings and code investigation was a detailed report back to our client and a thorough debriefing session.

Case Study 2: Rouge ex Partner software fraud

This case is highly confidential and sensitive. In this case, an international organisation with HQ in Australia was suddenly divided when an international partner separated, taking with them all the software and essentially locking my client out of the system. In this case, my client owned the IP of the software and had won court orders to retrieve access to, and copies of all the code and infrastructure.

As you can imagine, emotions were high and relationships strained, so our client engaged ZIS to act on their behalf as an independent source to acquire, configure and hand over a working instance of the previous application suite.

Our client was thrilled when within 3 weeks, we had their business fully up and running and globally operational once again. We even took extra steps to provide our client with redundancy and implemented fail safe steps to ensure this scenario could NEVER be repeated again.

Case Study 3: Strategic IT sustainability plan

A national wholesaling, distribution & Logistics organisation is experiencing rapid growth & expansion and appointed a new CEO to spearhead the expansion plans. One of the early Achilles heal identified was the heavy reliance on IT and data-systems. Some of the data frameworks were somewhat antiquated and the large internal IT team have a long list of high priority projects to deliver.

ZIS was called in first to perform a full IT Audit and to identify areas of improvement. Following the Audit, the following key areas were identified:

  1. Data integrity was compromised due to the number of independent data sources coming together (some new and some old)
  2. IT team typically worked on a 1-1 relationship (one IT developer per project) which resulted in delayed go to market timelines in addition to lack of skills-transfer (e.g. If key developer was not available, the other developers had limited knowledge of the project fundamentals).
  3. The majority of the IT infrastructure was custom developed internally and is managed via an internal local infrastructure/environment (redundancy risk).

Following the debrief, the following short-term strategies were identified:

  1. Need to replace the key data source (which was too old and not viable to update/maintain constantly)
  2. Create a “Collaborative” team environment where small teams would be tasked to complete specific projects (rather than 1-1). This would improve speed to market in addition to organically fostering a “skills transfer” between developers (no more relying on a single person for expertise).
  3. Always explore the marketplace for customisable solutions (rather than ground up internal development) and as this occurs, consider cloud based solutions for greater scale-ability and external support frameworks.

The organisation is planning an aggressive expansion strategy and it is critical to have a sustainable IT infrastructure & associated support framework. The ROI to the organisation will be realized within 2 years and will now be designed as a future-proof sustainable framework.

Case Study 4: Migration & scaleability

A local software company who have developed a bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for a specific business segment have enjoy rapid growth and were finding the existing Hosting environment restrictive in addition to poor performance.

ZIS were engaged to manage the transition and migration of 32 individual client instances and their company Website from their local hosting vendor to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and decommission the old hosting server. This involved moving 32 client portals with minimal downtime and ensure data integrity whilst utilising AWS superior data security frameworks and their RDS data solution.

Additionally, the original solution was developed to work specifically on Android devices and recognising the potential loss of market penetration realised they needed to accommodate IOS (apple) devices also. ZIS was brought in to discuss cross-platform development options and assist with the future strategic direction their product would need to take in order to maximise the potential market.

In general, and in particular – using the above two case studies, these types of consulting require Confidentiality and DNAs in addition to complete trust. To this end, these types of engagements directly involve our Director – James Fordham in addition to one or more of the ZIS advisory board.

100% confidentiality is assured.