IT Audit

ZIS specialise in performing IT Audits to evaluate your organisations IT Environment, to ensure Data Integrity and Security of your corporate assets and confidential information. Additionally, we can evaluate your existing IT Team (personnel) as well as their practices and protocols to ensure IT is genuinely supporting your stated Business Objectives & Goals.

Today’s business environment means we are all racing to keep up with demand and our competitors.

  • Is your IT environment geared up to support your business goals?
  • Do we have the right mix (skill set) in our IT team?
  • Is our IT infrastructure able to support our plans for growth?
  • Are we getting the best value for money from our mission-critical Software applications?
  • Is our Data adequately protected & backed up?
  • Do we have a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?
  • Is there something we do manually which could be automated (improve process and save time/money)?
IT Health Check

IT Auditor Sydney

To find out more, ZIS perform detailed on-site IT Audits to provide leadership with a genuine assessment or health-check of their IT teams, systems and governance. This includes interviewing key (or senior) stakeholders in addition to looking under the hood of your IT systems and processes.

For companies who develop their own Software, ZIS can help ascertain if your developers are writing code with appropriate and adequate documentation, comments and following best practices. Additionally, we can help determine how scaleable your application is and provide User Acceptance Testing facilities (hardware, browsers, mobiles etc).

So if you are seeking an IT Auditor in Sydney, look now further, and contact ZIS today.