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We have over 20 years of eLearning, or Online Learning experience. In fact, that’s how Zenith Informations Systems began.

In 2019 alone, we have completed the following elearning projects:


  • 15+ Healthcare modules
  • Australian Indigenous Cultural Awareness program
  • 30+ Software simulation videos and tutorials for staff training
Development tools

Our preferred authoring tool of choice is Articulate Storyline 360, however, we have used most industry leading tools over the years, so happy to work with your preferred tool of choice.

Publish options

We can provide SCORM compliance options through to web preview versions. Whatever your requirement, we can assist. Additionally, we always publish to HTML 5, so your content will work responsively across all device types.


If is often requested, that we develop, or update an existing module to meet WCAG accessibility standards. Not a problem. If you are catering for visually or hearing impaired audiences, we can ensure the content and the player are accessibility friendly (aka, your screen readers will render the courses effectively).

Hosting your content

Most of our clients have an existing Learning Management System (LMS) as we have never had a problem getting our content work across all the SCORM compliant systems.

If you do not have an LMS, we can assist. We can either help you procure a suitable platform, or we can host and manage your learning using our Kontent Labs platform.

Types of learning

I dont think there is a category to learning type we have not developed over the years. In general, most learning modules are made up of text, images, animations and videos. Some are pure screen simulation videos (walking learners through a how-to use your software etc). Whatever the need, we can 100% assist.

Working on your existing content

Whilst 99% of the time, we are asked to develop an online learning module full cycle, occasionally we are asked to work on pre-existing content which was developed in-house, or via a previous 3rd party vendor. No problem. As long as we can access source-content, we can rapidly make changes as required. No source-content? then we would replicate (build from scratch) using the existing content.

If you are seeking an experienced elearning development agency, speak with us today. I am sure we can assist.

Magic out of the box features

Elearning which is developed using tools such as Storyline will be visually appealing and engaging for learners, however, sometimes we need MORE..

As we are custom software developers at ZIS, we are sometimes asked to push the envelope on our elearning modules.

A recent example was a major project we developed for one of Melbournes largest hospitals was 11 modules around Advanced Dementia. The hospital wanted more than the usual engaging and standard learning model, and wanted the staff to opportunities to practice in real world scenarios as they covered the program.

So we added two-way Audio objects into the modules. After the learner completed say a video scenario, they were asked questions like “How would you respond in this situation?”. They could then record themselves speaking as the Nurse (as an example), then listen to best practice responses and have the opportunity to listen back to their responses, and perhaps re-record a better response. This two-way communication between the course and learning platform (KLE) was also extended to written responses and survey questions. All this information (and recordings) would feed back into the course, in addition to being available outside the course, using the KLE platform.

Elearning simply does not do this or provide such two communication within course modules. ZIS love pushing the boundaries and we can do so much more by adding custom programming into the eLearning courses.

Note: The above example was designed to work with the KLE (Kontent Labs Engine), and most LMS platforms simply will not support this technology.

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