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Build your own Communities of Practice Portal with KLE


Client Customisations

All Lab Customers receive a customised landing page ( This page is fully tailored to appear as an extension of your website.

Once inside your lab, your logo will appear top left, as well as in the Welcome message on the Lab members dashboard.


The Dashboard is the HOME Page for your Lab. You can welcome members, promote your organisation and display the latest discussions, news, resources and programs.

We provide Discussion centric, or Learning centric dashboard options, as well as providing custom dashboard designs.

Discussion Forum

Lab members can ask Questions to the Community. Other members can then respond/answer or comment against other members comments. Additionally, you vote comments up or down. The Author receives notifications whenever a member responds, and can also mark the most helpful comments as the “Best Answer”.

The Lab administrator then see’s all the contribution statistics in the Admin Dashboard, and can instantly see the most popular Discussions and much more.

Case Studies

Case Study work in the same way as Discussion, except you can link PDF documents and external youtube or vimeo type videos.

Members then hold discussions around your Case Study.

Resources and Tools

Build up your own Library of resources and tools.

Add Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Videos and more.

Your lab tracks each visit to your resources.

Internal Messaging

Lab members can send internal messages to each other. When they login, they will see a little read inbox value indicating new message(s) await their response.

Features Overview
Custom Lab Landing page
Member Registration (auto approve or manual)
Dashboard customised welcome content
Lab Member User Management
Discussion Forums
Case Studies
Stand alone Resources & Tools
Internal Messaging between members
Survey/Poll with response analysis
Email notification – responses/replies
Statistics & Analysis (Admins)
Track your learning
KL Clients
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Additional Kontent Lab Services
Custom Training Content Development
Hosted Learning Platforms
Off the shelf Learning Content
Best Practice around successful Communities of Practice
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