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Custom Software Development

We will always check if an existing solution or product exists before embarking on a custom bespoke development project for our clients.

We often come across client requests, where either an existing solution does not exist, or isnt close enough to meet requirements, or the existing options are far too expensive to purchase, license &/or maintain. That’s where bespoke solutions come in…

We develop custom online solutions from Client/Membership services, to automation of business processes. Over the years we have developed examples of the following programs:

Learning Platforms

There are many open-source LMS platforms around (e.g. Moodle), however, like all things, they have limitations.

Our Kontent Labs Engine is designed to house all forms of formal and informal learning, whilst building interaction between learners and provide deep analytics for learning managers.

Sports Management System

In 2019, we developed a complete Hockey competition sports management portal. The portal manages the draw, ladders, teams, players, game matchcards, and game statistics (goals, cards etc).

The system could easily be modified to cater for other sports.

Project Management

ZIS was engaged by a leading beverage supply chain organisation to procure and then project manage the implementation of a $4M ERP system.

During this project, we needed a way for the business to capture every workflow and business process, in addition to managing and tracking the installation components covering four separate vendors.

zScope was developed for this purpose, and can be use to manage ANY major business project or implementation.

Coding and Languages

Our custom development tools include php (MVC frameworks), JavaScript, Framework7 (Mobile development) HTML 5 and custom CSS.

We have development partners who assist with C, C#, F# development as and when required.

Kontent Labs Engine

The Kontent Labs Engine was developed by ZIS. KLE full manages learning environments, communities of practice (forums, discussion groups, resources and much more).

Healthcare provider Management

A small healthcare provider came to ZIS asking to automate their manual data entry process for managing patients, consultations and invoicing.

zHealth product was developed to help small healthcare providers manage their practices and patients.

To view some examples of our work, please refer to our Products Menu

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