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Are you a Start-up providing a technology based solution?Cant find what you need?Sick of dealing with global expensive vendors?We can help!View our services below
Custom Software

All our products are built to latest standards, are scaleable and design to ,meet your exact stated business requirements.


Our code is properly commented, making it easy to update later – even if its not ZIS.


All our products are built responsive – to ensure your product will work across all device screen size, and are intuitive and user-friendly.


You may not know what your next 5-7 years look like. So, we are always thinking ahead and introducing future-proof capabilities into our products.


We value long term partnerships with ALL our clients. We have been around 18 years, and not planning on going anywhere.


Our products are developed using whats called MVC frameworks. So we could be working on one module, without affecting the other.


Our team is proficient in PHP, C#/F#, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and more. We are whats known as “Full stack developers” meaning our team can handle ALL your programming requirements.


We follow these four primary steps when developing your application


This critical step allows us to fully understand your business requirements, so that we dont leave anything out.

STEP 2 - Prototype

Before to get deep into the code, we will produce a rapid-prototype demonstrating the key workflows and features for your feedback.

STEP 3 - Refinement & QA

Next we move from prototype to production incorporating your feedback. We then perform a full Q&A across major device types.

STEP 4 - Deploy

The final step is to deploy your product to your platform of choice. If you are open to ideas, we have extensive Amazon Web Servicesexperience, and can fully configure & manage your AWS environment.

To view some examples of our work, please refer to our Products Menu

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