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If we cannot help you, we are confident we know someone who can.

With over 18 years business experience, there is little we haven’t come across, or know about. Whether you are a Start-up requiring guidance, or an established business look to support growth and efficiency, we can help.

Cloud Solutions

Approx. 80% of our work portfolio involves Cloud solutions in some way. From dedicated portals through to ERP solutions, we have got you covered.

Cloud can reduce your traditional in-house infrastructure & I.T. resource costs.

I.T. Audits

Are you confident your I.T. team, Infrastructure, Software, Disaster Recovery and Governance is setup to support your business now, and into the future?

ZIS can provide you these answers, and help plug any gaps.

I.T. Team Structure

I.T. is commonly an area where executives have limited knowledge. In many cases, organisations are leaking salaries on resources who are either not sufficiently skilled , or simply not working efficiently or diligently.

We can help you improve efficiencies, or potentially restructure your team so you have the right people in the right roles.

ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions will be your most complex and expensive investment in I.T. Get this wrong and the results for your business can be catastrophic.

ZIS have extensive experience Scoping, Procuring and Project Managing implementation of ERP systems.

Board Representation

With increasing accountability and liability on Board Directors, it is critical you are receiving accurate & timely advice around your organisations I.T.

Additionally, often lost in most Board situations, is I.T. Corporate Governance.

If you would like to bring in people who understand your responsibilities and who can help, speak with us today.

Managed Services

Designed for businesses who may have, or cant afford to provide in-house I.T. services. Services range from managing teams, I.T. infrastructure through to all Internet of Things (IoT) online. We can be available weekly, monthly or quarterly – depending your requirements.

Research & Development

From time to time, something comes along which is either non-existent (re information and solutions) or if it is, is wildly expensive.

ZIS can utilise its extensive global network to find a solution to meet your requirements, and that fails, we can custom build a solution (see Custom Software menu) to meet your exact requirements.

Custom Software

Sometimes you just need a solution tailored made for your business . In this case, we develop custom software applications for this purpose. Please refer to our Custom Software Menu for more information.

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