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If we cannot assist, we’ll find someone within our extensive network who can…

With almost 20 years business & IT experience, there is little we haven’t come across, or been asked to assist with. Whether you are a Start-up requiring guidance, or an established business look to support growth and efficiency, we are ready to help.

Cloud Solutions

We are Amazon Web Services (AWS) experts, and all our products and client-hosted portals are on AWS. Additionally, we use Google as our email engine for creating and managing client emails. This also provides our clients with the G-Suite of applications.

Cloud solutions can significantly reduce your traditional in-house infrastructure & I.T. costs.

Managed Services & Support

Designed for businesses who may have, or cant afford to provide in-house I.T. services. Services range from managing teams, I.T. infrastructure through to all Internet of Things (IoT) online. We can be available weekly, monthly or quarterly – depending your requirements.

We also provide timely remote support for those more urgent matters.

Research & Development

From time to time,  a request comes along which is either does exist (off the shelf), or if it does, is wildly expensive and uneconomical.

ZIS can utilise its extensive global network to find a solution to meet your requirements, and should that fail, we can custom build a bespoke solution (see Custom Software menu) to meet your exact requirements.

Custom Software

Sometimes you just need a solution tailored made for your business . In this case, we develop custom software applications for this purpose. Please refer to our Custom Software Menu for more information.

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