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Kontent Labs – A new Partnership

As of December 2017, ZIS and long term business JV partners HealthXN formally created Kontent Labs Pty Ltd.

Kontent Labs was developed for a single purpose – to develop Communities of Practice for clients who need to capture knowledge and distribute it to where it is needed… e.g. Front-line staff.

Please click on the Kontent Labs Menu to learn more, and please visit our website.

Within our first 6 months, we have already partnered with many clients including:

  • Alfred Health
  • Monash Health
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • Estia
  • Ward Medication Management
  • Leading Aged Services Association

The above clients are currently utilising KLE (Kommunity Labs Engine) in addition to contracting Kontent Labs to custom develop learning content to support their Labs.

We are very excited about Kontent Labs, and cant wait to see where it goes over the next 12 months… Stay tuned…

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