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Backup Strategies and Considerations

Everyone backs up their information… or do they?

This article is more for small to medium size businesses, as I would be worried if larger organisations with full I.T. Departments wouldn’t have your data securely backed up.

Most smaller businesses at best have a Network drive (e.g. Western Digital NAS) or a cloud store (Google Drive, One drive etc). On their own, you are not backing up. Yes, you are making a copy (assuming you are backing from your computer to either of these systems), but backup is something which  is:

  • Secure (encrypted)
  • Restoration of data is possible

By secure, I refer to having a ZIPPED and ENCRYPTED file. Why? If you are unlucky to suffer a Ransomware Virus, and dont have an encrypted backup, you’ve just lost your files – on both Google Drive and the network drive. Such viruses worm their way through ALL your connected drives and consider your cloud storage just another local drive.

Professional backup software includes encrypted backup options. Additionally, they can backup your shared Network drive and save the encrypted zip file on your Google Drive (or equivalent).

Additionally many smaller business have files saved on their Desktops, on the C: drives, on Shared drives, on USB drives and more… How does your backup know where all these files are? Frankly, it doesnt. You need to configure (or tell) the backup software what and where to backup. Hence, you should endevaour to save your files in the SOME repository and ensure your backup system knows to back it up.

You should therefore, have a centralised data store (you can have various security preventing other staff from accessing your files) and then have the backup zip it daily and upload a copy to your Cloud Store.

There are many backup solutions (Synology is a good drive & software combination, although a little more expensive) and too many to mention. My personal choice is BackupForAll (version 7 at time of this post) which can pickup all my repositories and store it on the cloud. It can also backup my cloud stores and download the encrypted zip – and so forth. I have a few clients who have downloaded and install a free option “Cobian” – which I have configured for them – works quite well.

Just like the importance of having anti-virus software installed, and always up to date, you should add solid backup solution to your list. One day it will pay itself off – with interest….

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