HealthXL Hackathon

HealthXL held their final global Health Hackathon in Melbourne on 11th November, where James Fordham and Marc Niemes from HealthXN attended and presented. Previous sessions were held in Dublin, Boston, San Francisco and Munich.

HealthXL hackathon events are where Health experts (practitioners & commercial partners) come together to collaboratively solve common industry challenges.


This particular event was set around new & emerging solutions and our partner HealthXN was selected as one of the 11 presentations, where Marc Niemes presented on his AGILE Health platform – and how it was solving just in time medical training and how the content was delivered into the hands of people who needed it – the practitioners.

It was a great day where we saw emerging solutions such as VR being used in situations to help patients escape their surrounds, through to not for profit emergency training solutions to solving lack of sleep (shift working) challenges – and more… The day saw approximately 30 professionals in the room ranging from Doctors, Nurses to Medical device manufactures and industry consultants and vendors.

The day was a great opportunity to learn about the future of the Health industry and what exciting new solutions (service and technology)  are developing to assist the industry and solve common global challenges.