eCommerce Website Design

eCommerce Website Design Sydney and Australia-wide.


eCommerce is the fastest growing area within website development. More and more organisations are realising the power of selling their product or service to a wider audience.

Getting an online store is fairly easy and straight forward. If you have a preset list of products or services with standard pricing and configuration, your store could be up and running inside 3 days.

On the other hand, if you have complex requirements or need bespoke automation of workflows, you may require something more than out-of-the-box type frameworks (such as PrestaShop, WooCommerce etc). We have been developing both simple and very complex online store  environment for more than 10 years and have our own custom developed engine called “zisOnline“.  To learn more about zisOnline, please visit the menu link under Products.

When considering YOUR online store, a few factors to consider before, or during the consultation with ZIS include:

  • How would you like to accept payments?
  • Will some or all of your client be on account terms?
  • Do you change the price based type of customer, or use a consistent RRP?
  • Can you use a single store (multiple categories) or will you need multiple stores?
  • Do you require a different landing page for different customers? or is a single generic (your) landing page OK?
  • How will you ship the products from the system? Do you need to calculate freight?
  • How will you manage warranty and returns?
  • Approximately how many products do you think you will have in your store?
  • Is your target audience (customers) local, state, national or global?
  • Will the store need to translate (language & currency)?

and the list goes on… Don’t worry though. ZIS will walk you through the entire process. However, when contemplating your store, or planning to engage with ZIS – it would be useful if you can have a think about your responses to the above list of preliminary questions.