Custom Software

Sometimes you simply can’t find what you need off-the-shelf. Whether your business requirement is unique, brand new concept or other, often you either need to find an existing software product which may do up to 8o% of your requirements OR consider building your own product which caters for 100% of your requirements. That’s where ZIS can help.

Generally speaking, custom software is often requested to manage or automate business practice workflows and databases of some type. For the most part, having a custom program developed is quite simple and straight forward. The critical piece is ensuring the breif and final outcomes are fully understood (which is where most off shore alternatives fall short).

In some cases, your requirements may need some discussion and thinking. We are yet to say NO to any request, however we have certainly been challenged on occasion and whilst we thrive on difficult challenges, it sometimes take a little time (and potential prototype to test the function) to achieve a specific outcome.

Techno babble

Please ignore this section if you either don’t care, or don’t understand the ins and outs of the HOWs in relation to making your project request a reality. We will convey these concepts in single language during the project with you.

Generally, we develop our software solutions either using an MVC framework or straight code. For prototypes or smaller projects, we tend to develop using the straight code concept. For more complex projects which either need greater scaleability or a team of developers, we move to the MVC frameworks.

People often ask if we use off shore resources (programmers). We have, and we do. Our default model is to develop projects ourselves, internally, however, from time to time it makes sense to utilise such resources. In our experience, it does NOT work out cheaper off shoring work – as all too often, project scope creaps (everytime) due to misunderstanding the scope and poor communication between off shore teams and you – the client, or us the Project Managers in some instances.  Where it makes sense to use them, is when an existing framework has been developed and fits your request (either closely or completely). It makes sense not to re-invent the wheel, and purchase and customise an existing framework. Whilst in many cases, this does not require their actual programming to customise for your needs, sometimes it does. When it does, it comes down to the time v cost equation. Note: In the event we recommend. or require this approach, ZIS will be always  be completely transparent with you and offer this an option.

Language capability

php 5.6 – 7

JavaScript (and AJAX)


C#, .NET & .asp


MVC options






Mobile Apps

Cross-platform solutions

  • Xamarin
  • Phone Gap
  • Ionic

Native App for single platform (multiple options)