Cloud IT Services
More and more businesses are realising the huge Return on Investment (ROI) when moving their traditional on-premise IT Infrastructure to the cloud. The cloud offers scalable and secure environments with the ability to tap into hundreds of supporting products and tools to support your IT goals.

The days of having to worry about major annual software upgrades are over. Generally, all software in the cloud is often subscription-based and includes automatic upgrades and support.

Additionally, you can fully manage your IT environment using cloud based servers and data-centres. The ROI is realised in the short-term and your IT staff can then focus their efforts towards internal support and future planning for growth.

Cloud IT services

Cloud IT at a high level means you are no longer purchasing software and installing to your computer like we have done historically. Everyday examples of Software Cloud services are Microsoft (Office365) and Adobe (Photoshop etc). You generally pay an annual subscription, or in some cases by the month.

Almost any software requirement you may have is available via the cloud and via subscription model. This means you always have the latest version (automatically in most cases), and have portability between devices (using the same license).

As long as you have an internet connection, you are good to go. Note, most cloud options (Microsoft & Adobe as examples above) allow you to download and install a local copy of the application – so you don’t even need an internet connection to access a lot of the software.

Cloud IT goes beyond just Software. It now allows companies to manage cloud based servers and big data repositories – and its all following industry best practice security protocols. We’ve all used Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive etc at some point – its the same concept. Your data is managed in the cloud and accessible from any device. You can control who can see or access your content, or allow public viewing. In most cases, you can track who accessed a file, and when. And data-storage is very cheap these days and will scale as you need more space. Its all quite simple. If you are hosting on Amazon, you can utilise their S3 buckets for large data storage (there are other options as well).

Cloud solutions take out the hassle of worrying about data-security, backups, disaster recover and much more. Its well worth a look. Additionally, the savings for your local IT infrastructure and IT staff resources can be significant.