Cloud Hosting
ZIS provides the most dependable cloud hosting service that guarantees the highest level of website performance with minimum downtime.

We offer the full range of hosting services from entry level (JustHost or BlueHost) through to fully scaleable and optimised hosting via Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure (Microsoft).

We can install, configure & fully manage the hosting of your Corporate website, emails, ecommerce store, custom applications and more… Through AWS & Azure, we can support “big data” environments and auto-configure horizontal and vertical scaling in multiple regions. AWS and Azure have local server infrastructures in Sydney & Brisbane and in South East Asia for optimum local performance.

Entry Level Hosting options

Generally when hosting with AWS or Azure, the costs vary month to month based on usage (unless we implement reserved instance pricing, where you pay up front in advance), so for smaller companies or those who seek the minimum possible monthly hosting budget, we can manage your website with JustHost, BlueHost (WordPress optimised), GoDaddy or CrazyDomains. Note, if you have heavy email requirements, we would generally purchase a dedicated server with JustHost or BlueHost which manages your website(s) and email etc.

ZIS recommendation

For 90% of our clients, we recommend Amazon Web Services (Sydney server). We have implemented over 50 AWS instances in 2017 already and can rapidly configure most online infrastructures and have you up and running in little time and cost.

If you are looking to MOVE your website & email, we would like to chat with you first to understand the reasons why, and what your future growth looks like – so we can make the best possible recommendation. Generally, we would also need to walk you through exporting your current email system, so we can then import into the new email engine (of which many options exist).

If you are setting up a brand new website and email service, its incredibly simple with AWS. You can purchase your domain from Amazon and we can have your basic site up & running within an hour. A little more time if we can creating multiple webpages for you.


Whilst if you plan to provide customers options to purchase your goods or services, or will be collecting their information – you should always have SSL (where you add https in front of your website) – it is now a general recommendation for Google optimised websites (SEO). Again, AWS make this process very simple. Alternatively, we can implement 3rd party SSL certificates from your provider of choice (e.g. Let’s Encrypt, DigiCert, GoDaddy and many more).