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If you are in the business of developing eLearning content for your staff, you have most likely come across some interesting technical obstacles.

It is well documented for example that Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) receives the worst HTML5 test and compatibility scores when compared to other mainstream browsers (Chrome, FireFox and Safari for example).

On the other hand Google Chrome which performs the best with HTML 5, does not support JAWS screen reader for your Section 508 (or WCAG 2 AA) Accessibility content.

HTML 5 is still developing as a standard, and understandably browsers are playing catch up. In our experience, clients generally have a default browser configured for their working environment (often known as your SOE – Standard Operating Environment). In some cases, you may be running an older version – e.g. IE9 (hopefully not older than that).

Before embarking on the development of your new eLearning module – it is important to understand what configuration you are developing for. This incudes the catering of tablet devices (e.g. iPads).

If you are using Moodle as your LMS (Learning Management System), recently we have discovered that by upgrading Moodle 2x to the latest version – resolves the issue of running Storyline HTML 5 output working with IE11. This essentially means Moodle’s “SCORM player” has been updated to resolve this major technical headache. Of course, if you are running other LMS platforms – this issue will most likely remain.

HTML 5 by its nature is adaptive – which means that if you develop a screen (eLearning, a website etc.) using HTML 5 is will generally adapt its layout/size to suit the screen size of the user. HTML 5 also provides new (and still improving) animation capabilities which aims to replace the need for Flash to achieve particular animations or transitions.

Here is a link where you can test the browser capability with HTML 5

Please reach out to ZIS if you would like to discuss the above further.

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