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Zenith Information Systems

I.T. Consultancy

General I.T. advice, Project Management and Managed IT Services.

Custom Software

Applications designed and built to meet your exact business requirements.

Zenith Information Systems

ZIS is an Australian boutique IT consultancy and Software Development Agency. Incorporated in 2000.

I.T. Consultancy

We partner with your team to procure, scope and implement organisational systems (e.g. ERP), or develop bespoke custom applications built specifically to meet your unique business requirements.

We can also act as your fully managed IT service for your business. Remote and onsite support.

Cloud Solutions

Extensive Amazon Web Services and Azure experience. For all Cloud based requirements.

I.T. Audits

Not sure how your I.T. is adding value to your business? We can conduct an I.T. Audit and demonstration ROI and potential efficiency improvements.

I.T. Team Structure

Growing business often struggle with getting their I.T. resources right. I.T. should support and add value to the business, not be a liability.

ERP Solutions

Purchasing and implementing an ERP into your business can be the single most difficult I.T. related project your business will face. Get it right, and your business will see genuine ROI/benefit.

Board Representation

We can present to, or be a member of your Board to provide strategic I.T. advice and corporate Governance.

Managed Services

You can contract ZIS out to partially, or fully manage your I.T. We can manage your infrastructure, software, cloud solutions or your small I.T. team.

Custom Software Services

Our team are what’s known as Full Stack developers, in that we can build full end to end solutions utilising a wide range of frameworks and libraries.

Leading Edge Technology

We use the latest versions of Software development Frameworks and Libraries.

Cloud Based Solutions

No need to share your web portal with dozens or hundreds of other customers on traditional hosting solutions. Have your own AWS or Azure server.

Scaleable Solutions

We are always considering where you will be in 1-5 years time. Our solutions are always developed with growth (scaleability) in mind.

Built to your specifications

When building a custom application, it should be built to meet your business requirements, rather than forcing your business processes to change to meet the software.

Kontent Labs Engine (KLE)

Create your own Community of Practice with Kontent Labs KLE platform.

Visit Kontent Labs Website

KLE is a Communities of Practice framework. Each Community or client get their very own Lab to foster collaboration and conversation around your specific areas of interest.

Client Portal Login

ZIS Client Portal

To login, please click on the Login button to the left.

New clients will be provided their Login credentials during Project Kickoff.

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